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I'm such a SW nerd: they referred to Federer as "going all Darth Vader" because of his black outfit. Totally MADE MY DAY!!

Now, on to slightly more depressing matters

Don't you just want to hug Vorenus?!?! And, actually, the only socially acceptable response to a situation like he found himself in, WAS to kill her. The audio commentary makes it clear that a true Roman man would have had no qualms about killing an unfaithful wife and that Niobe's final act of love for Vorenus was to kill herself and save him from having to do it himself. Remember back when Vorena the Elder attempted to persuade her mother to tell Vorenus and Niobe refused because she knew he's kill her? Back when they weren't a happy couple? Things really just get worse for Vorenus in the first couple episodes of Season Two, then they get better, then they get SO SO horrible, then they get better, etc, etc. Also, it is a matter of historical fact that Caesar was stabbed a total of twenty-three times, but that the second blow (the first one, you'll recall sort of missed) was the fatal blow. (Caesar received the first recorded autopsy in history) Perhaps you were missing the famous "And you, Brutus, my son?" line? It would appear that the creators decided to follow Plutarch's version where Caesar does not actually say anything to Brutus, just attempt to cover his head with his toga.

Classes are going fairly well except for Arabic prof assigning more HW tonight than we've had the rest of the year combined. Sigh, oh well, it's only three, and I'll be up til whenever the Federer/Roddick match is over at the least. Two of my roommates also love Doctor Who, and think David Tennant is ridiculously gorgeous. It should not be allowed for any one man to be that.....that. Sarah and Katherine agree that it's quite a bad thing that my one professor, MME, reminds me of him in manner, not looks. Oh, David Tennant was Barty Crouch, Jr., if you were wondering. He's just less insane and filthy as the Doctor.

So, this was an excellent means of procrastinating from my Theo papers, but real life intrudes YET AGAIN. Ave atque vale, Caesar et Niobe.
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Being away from facebook while at home has clearly put me behind the times. What's the deal with all these applications? Are there any interesting ones that I should investigate or are they all just tools to make students waste even more time on facebook? Mind you, I'm fully open to some being both.

I'm really enjoying classes this year, except, obviously, Theology. My Medieval Middle East (MME) teacher is so funny I forget we're supposed to be learning things in there. Italian is going well. I've been christened Francesca as there's no Italian equivalent of Courtney. I caught myself writing al-adab = la letteratura in my notebook Friday. This could be a problem but I'm prepared to deal with it.

Our football team sucked even more than I thought they could, and I was pretty damn cynical about them, but seriously Michigan, WTF? Way to ruin your national championship hopes in SEPTEMBER!

Probably need help with my Roman obsession, yes I admit I have a problem. The last four books I've read, not to mention the two that I'm currently reading are all about Rome. More in other blog. And let's not forget about ROME, the most amazing television show ever of which I have two episodes left to watch. I'm suffering from my aversion to endings. Doctor Who pretty much consumed me all last year and early summer, but I've only got four episodes left with one of my favourite characters and I absolutely cannot bring myself to watch the end, even though I've read the episode descriptions and know what's going to happen. Pathetic, I know.

My television schedule this year is going to be crazy. There's at least one show I want to watch every night Monday thru Friday. And I'm going to try to keep up with CSI online this year, SpikeTV is the best time waster that's not online with their constant CSI reruns.

Ah, see me babble on. Stopping now.

Oh, just for the record, still don't have that paper due September 10th done yet, so don't panic yet.

Another thing, if you're reading this, it's fairly certain I find you charming not tedious.
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So, I'm back at school, the loft is built, I didn't fall off last night (go me!) although a freshman down the hall did and dislocated her hip. Ow. Room's pretty much all set except for the stuff that belongs in the common room but we can't get that set up until Wednesday when Sarah's dad comes to build their loft (and put guard rails and a handhold up for Katherine and I, but he doesn't know that yet). So I have all my books ready for tomorrow, nothing else I have to do, and I'm fairly sure I'm going to start a Theology paper that's not due until Sept. 10. Yes, I know I'm nuts, it's too late to do anything about it right now. So, I'm off to write one to two pages on the differences between the three versions of Jesus' baptism.


May. 9th, 2007 10:26 pm
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Ok, so twelve years of theology, think its safe to say I know the Bible fairly well. So, why am I taking time off from studying/packing/paper writing to read a Jew's thoughts on the Bible as dictated to Slate online magazine? This is why:

On the Book of Daniel:
"At this point, Nebuchadnezzar goes cuckoo crazy, completely nutso. He becomes a homeless loon, eating grass like a cow, growing hair like feathers. After seven years, poof, his sanity returns, as suddenly as it was taken away. Why does he get his marbles back? Because he embraces the Lord. Yes, you heard it right: His Majesty Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon, the sacker of Jerusalem, the scourge of the Jews, the villain of the Book of Kings and Psalms, has suddenly become a God-worshipper! It's like Hitler coming to Seder! Or Mahmoud Ahmadinejad donning a yarmulke!"

The mental image of Hitler coming to a Seder, when they're expecting Elijah to show up. Talk about unexpected.

Also, I'm so done with school. Sucks that I've got another final on Friday.

Oh, and apparently, I giggle a lot, like all the time. Do I do that at home?
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This final unit of gym has been a rather charming surprise. And not because we've been playing tennis. The first day, we learned about proper grip. If I have to hear "You shake hands with the racquet" one more time, my handshake might become a little loose. The second day, it was approximately 30 degrees out, no class. The third day, it was snowing and ice sleeting at the same time, no class. The fourth day, it was beautiful, nice 50 degree weather out, not a cloud anywhere, and guess what? The nets are down, no class. Today, the fifth day out of nine total, they were resurfacing the courts. Nate, don't call me Nathaniel, Nate, our teacher pulled a great many strings (no pun intended) and got us onto the indoors courts, where apparently, they hate you if you don't give them money. So, we learned about forehands, just forehands. And, it was strange, but muscle memory is remarkable. I haven't picked up a racquet since fall 2005. Almost two years ago. But I knew what I was doing. And not just the basic, remember to follow through, sort of thing. We had those people who, horror of horrors, had no non-marking shoes, throwing balls at us, and I moved to hit the balls without thinking about it. That's vaguely disturbing for a thinker like me. I don't remember thinking, "Oh, it'll be easier to hit the ball if I move like this." I just moved. Talk about a Jedi moment. That was, however, the highlight of gym class. In between, I had to deal with things like running, I DON'T FUCKING RUN FOR GYM CLASS, NATHANIEL!!, hopper repair, and the "OOOOOs" of people who'd never seen a hopper pick up balls before. Ah, well, only four more classes and I have two skips left.
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Alright, I've reached the point where merely thinking about ROTS is enough to make me tear up. Writing this paper about the Frankensteinian themes in SW makes me sniffle lots unless I take a great many breaks to wander about online. I absolutely CANNOT let myself WATCH ROTS until I finish this paper unless I have a fierce need to break down into wracking sobs. This, however, means that I am forced to use my novelization for story refreshers. And so, I am reminded again of the heart-breaking power Matthew Stover can wield. This passage is so sparse and bare, yet it just breaks my heart knowing what's coming for the two of them:

"This, then, is Obi-Wan and Anakin:
They are closer than friends. Closer than brothers. Though Obi-Wan is sixteen standard years Anakin's elder, they have become men together. Neither can imagine life without the other. The war has forged their two lives into one.
The war that has done this is not the Clone Wars; Obi-Wan and Anakin's war began on Naboo, when Qui-Gon Jinn died at the hand of a Sith Lord. Master and Padawan and Jedi Knights together, they have fought this war for thirteen years. Their war is their life.
And their life is a weapon.
Say what you will about the wisdom of ancient Master Yoda, or the deadly skill of grim Mace Windu, the courage of Ki-Adi-Mundi, or the subtle wiles of Shaak Ti; the greatness of all these Jedi is unquestioned, but it pales next to the legend that has grown around Kenobi and Skywalker.
They stand alone.
Together, they are unstoppable. Unbeatable. They are the ultimate go-to guys of the Jedi Order. When the Good Guys absolutely, positively have to WIN, the call goes out.
Obi-Wan and Anakin always answer.
Whether Obi-Wan's legendary clevernss might be Anakin's raw power, straight up, no rules, is the subject of schoolyard fistfights, creche pool wriggle-matches, and pod-chamber stinkwars across the Republic. These struggles always end, somehow, with the combatants on both sides admitting that it doesn't matter.
Anakin and Obi-Wan would never fight each other.
They couldn't.
They're a team. They're THE team.
And both of them are sure they always will be."

Don't the last six sentences just make you want to sob hysterically?

*wimpers helplessly*

Am depressed now.
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I have no motivation for my paper, so am completely refusing to work on it. It makes perfect sense to me. I can write four pages, go to A Midsummer Night's Dream, work on math, and go to physics office hours Saturday and Sunday, no problem there. Since Bobby Flay is annoying me tonight, he generally does that when he's on any show besides ICA, there's nothing on that interests me, so I'm watching Major League Soccer. And really, whoever chose the uniforms for FC Dallas needs to be tortured in multiple ways, the rack will be involved as will the iron maiden, but other instruments subject to change, drawn, quartered, cut down while still alive, and burnt to death. Unless he's blind or idiotic, there's no way the uniform decision was made for any reason besides the fact that this man MUST be a sadist. Who else would force some rather decent looking people to wear ON NATIONAL TELEVISION the most hideous uniforms ever. Horizontal stripes of red and white with blue stripes down the sleeves paired with red shorts and socks. If he's trying to make me gouge my eyes out, he's made a good start. On the bright side, the ESPN clock works like the international clock. Whoa, that was a thigh flash from one of the LA Galaxy players, I think I saw the bottom of the hip bone. Anyway, I don't know what channel it was, but a while ago flipping channels, I saw a game with 43:07 and the clock in the second half and thought, "Oh, ok, game's almost over unless there's stoppage time." But NO, this crazy channel was counting DOWN from 45:00, not counting up to it. Totally messed with my mind. While they are fairly attractive, and well-toned, or Britishly, a bit of all right, one must question the intelligence of these players, especially after all those headers. And I think I'm going to be up really late tomorrow, so I might as well go to bed now. Oh, GOD, just got another close-up of the uniforms, remember LeChiffre and his tears of blood? Yeah, think I'm pretty close right now.
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Best part of my week has come and gone. New AWE trailer beats all, including, but not limited to, chocolate sourdough, chocolate fudge cake, R2-D2 mailboxes, and getting away from my roommates for the weekend. What follows will be similar to a writer's' (could be more than one) commentary found on DVDs, but my version, for the trailer of much joy. Fair warning: Likely to be a stream-of-consciousness thing.

Did the sun strike anyone else as vaguely reminiscent of The Lion King, only it's setting, so the end of the circle of life? Seriously, if they kill Jack, I will be so fucking pissed, it's ridiculous. Liked the junk with tattered sails, took me back to Elizabeth's dream from COTBP. Not really a fan of the new Disney castle, I liked the old one, it brought sort of a continuity to all their films. The compass spinning, that was Jack's hand, unless Elizabeth decided she needed a thumb ring for some reason. Loved that World's End is cold, goes back to how physicists think the world will die, but the upside-down floating ship, SO cool! And OMFG, there IS a World's End, like it seriously ENDS, how mind-blowing is that? And, yeah, so Jack's in hell, well, his own personal version of it, stuck away from any source of water (aka freedom) and therefore any means of escape, you know he's better with water, and don't take that to be dirty. Jack missed Jack!! BEST MOMENT OF THE ENTIRE TRAILER!!! I WANT ONE!!! Actually I'll accept either version of Jack, not too picky here. Die, Beckett, die, the time of pirates needs NOT to end, ever! When did Tia Dalma try to kill Jack? That's an intriguing moment there, that is. So, I'm thinking 'enemies united' is more like 'Beckett's blackmailing Jones to get what he wants', but that's just me. Finally, we make it to Singapore, I've wanted to see Jack there since he made the remark about corsets. Large pirate army? HELL YES! And, of COURSE, Jack owns everyone money, it's Jack. All the women probably want to slap him, too. God, I really hope Elizabeth ends up with Will in the end, Jack's too wild for her, no, not like that. LOVE that Tia Dalma came with them, I was afraid she wouldn't. Beckett's map? Yeah, that's got some serious Indian sub-continent issues going on there. Battle around a whirlpool? Cannot WAIT! Although the physics of attempting to shoot cannons at each other while being pulled into the whirlpool are troubling. Just an excellent look on Jack's face there. Love the sword trick, although WHAT is Elizabeth wearing?? "I don't think now's the best time!" There's never a wrong time to be proposed to by Orlando Bloom, really now. Another Disney flashback, this time to Peter Pan, although here Jack's the one with a hand he really can't get involved, not Hook. What happened to poor Captain Feng's head? Looks painful. Beckett, you idiot, it took you that long to figure that out? Please, that's part of Jack's charm. Nothing would work if Jack wasn't. And the little credits at the end took too long, but overall, trailer=love.
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So, when I should be studying for my Calc and Physics Midterms, although when the prof tells you the midterm is open book, note, homework, and homework solutions, does it count as a midterm?, and yes, my sense of grammar has died, I am instead choking down laughter at some highly funny quotes. I seem to attract them.

"I don't know what your problem is, but I bet it's hard to pronounce."

Maybe it's just me, but that made me laugh so hard, I could feel the DMD about to come out of my nose.

"Rifles aren't terrorists, terrorists are terrorists."

"What the Founders clearly meant by "a well-regulated militia" is that I get to hunt squirrel with a patriot missile. (on side: Acorns = WMD)"

Colbert, need I say more?
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"Oooh, blood. I like blood."

Maybe I am concussed.


Mar. 4th, 2007 02:20 pm
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So I didn't quite concuss myself, and clearly I didn't fall into a coma, both of which are good. I am left with a large painful lump on the back of my head that hurts when I walk too fast, no idea why, and makes it impossible for me to wear my hair like I normally do.


Mar. 2nd, 2007 11:16 pm
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I can't go to sleep because I may have concussed myself. Damn my eyebrows and my roommate's slippers.
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Should the occasion arise in which I am ever required to swear to something, rather than use the standard oath used in most courts of law, I believe I shall use this, instead: "I swear on my dead relatives- and even the ones who aren't feeling too good." It seems like a much more apt oath.
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I really hate GM now. Their ads for their Presidents' Day sale feature a horrid, obnoxious, most depressing parody of one of my favourite humming songs. DIE, GM, DIE!!!! YOU FUCKED WITH "HAIL TO THE CHIEF", I flip you the bird, the bald eagle to be specific. Speaking of the bald eagle, Stephen Colbert, father of the erst-while eaglet Stephen Jr., now has a Ben and Jerry's ice cream named after him. "Stephen Colbert's Americone Dream" will feature vanilla ice cream with fudge-covered waffle cone pieces and a caramel swirl. It's like a drumstick all squished together and mixed up. Highly delicious-sounding, even though I've pretty much sworn off Ben and Jerry's due to the lack to my favourite sorbet flavor, Lemon Twist, in every single store I've checked. But, for Colbert, for Colbert, I think I can make an exception. Wa, fi al-haqiiqa, ana liisa ayy wajib hatha ithnaan ayaam. And that sentence is in al-lugra (pronounce lug'ha) al-arabiyya to prevent anyone from getting highly annoyed at me. This is a charming way to spend an evening, watching The Count of Monte Cristo, the movie version of which I prefer to the book version, and clarifying whether or not something is a word for Laura and her hug-happy friend/boyfriend/whothehellknows Greg. Ah well, I've spent worse nights. And next weekend, I'll be quite hideously busy, so I probably should use this opportunity to get ahead. I get picked up at 2:00P.M. next Friday to travel up to Detroit to attend a concert with Mams and Bamps, then we return here to sleep for a few hours before arising to attend a antiquities conference regarding the legal and moral issues surrounding the acquisition and display of antiquities that may have been looted in the past. We are going to skip the least speech on education of army personnel to hurry over to the Joyce Center to attend the men's basketball game against Marquette. A quite busy, but excellent weekend. And now, Richard Harris is about to appear, so I must turn my attention away from this and focus all of my energies on the intricate plot points incited by the presence of the Abbe.


Feb. 8th, 2007 04:20 pm
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Am I the only one who find the name "Gurley Leap Automobile Group" amusing? Try saying it out loud.
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