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Jul. 11th, 2011 08:30 pm
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So, pretty much everything I'm feeling right now is what I was feeling in the last two entries but with the added (non-)benefits of being in a foreign country with nothing to really do. I love Italy, don't get me wrong, but I definitely miss being at home where things work according to sane algorithms and I'm not at loose ends every night. Hopefully this will get better over time, since I sort of remember feeling a bit like this at the start of Rome, but this is a completely different city, with a very not-Roman feel to it (Roma la mia, perche' ti ho mai lasciata?) and a program that's horribly disorganized. Grocery shopping/whatnot is making me feel poor which isn't helping nor is the fact that there's a limit on how much internet we can use in the apartments per day which means that I'm sitting in a bar blaring obnoxious techno music with wine to use their internet, which brings up back to the poor part. Also bad is that the classes are only from 9-1, leaving me with far too much free time. Maybe tomorrow I'll go hang out in a bookstore and read one of their books without paying.

Sigh. Just not the best night tonight. Today was a clusterfuck for all sorts of reasons and I can only pray that tomorrow is better. So, it sort of seamed perfect to summarize my day for a blog that I'm pretty sure no one else reads that I'm just using as a vent. Awesome. Totally how I wanted to spend my time in Italy.


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