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So, the first day I'm home, I wake up at 10:30 and stumble downstairs at 11:20. On the kitchen table I find a note from Mams telling me to make sure I get her dry cleaning over to the cleaners, on Monroe Street, by noon. Somehow, still not sure quite how, I managed to get showered, dressed, and the cleaning over there on time. Next I call Mams to inform her that I have mastered the impossible and she asks me to bring her over a cappuccino from Starbucks. So I get her an extra-hot one, which spills on my leg while I'm on Talmadge crossing Sylvania. This would not be important except for the fact that eleven days later, Mams informs me that I may not be able to take my car back to school because I got a red-light photo ticket in the mail. This, by the way, came after the written warning I got on the drive home Wednesday at 5, another very fun conversation, I assure you. So my car entered a state of limbo, poor little car, and poor me. I was not allowed to drive it AT ALL until she decided what she wanted to do. Naturally I had to pay for the ticket ($100) and that combined with the $150 for the new iPod rather quickly ate up my birthday/Christmas money. I had $50 left.

Ok, so we make it to Florida, and our first day there, the high is about 49 and the low is 29. WTF? Anyway, we just get to the room and crash. Day Two, we're both still dead and decide to just hang around the room and maybe go shopping later. Which we do, which is a success. Day Three, the weather having finally resolved its problems and settling on about 75, we went to MGM, and, not even kidding, the place is emptier than we have ever ever seen it, which was, admittedly, rather cool. Day Four, Jan. 5, if you're keeping track, Mams wants to golf, so I suffer through it. That evening we decide to go to the Florida equivalent of Somerset, but when we open our door, it's pouring. So, I volunteer to run out to the car and get our umbrellas. Unfortunately, on my way back, I slip on painted concrete, otherwise known as the worst paving material ever, and fall to my side. I break said fall with my hip, still bruised, and elbow. Once I'm back inside the room, Mams looks at my elbow, which managed to get both scraped and a weird sort of blunt force trauma deep hole, cleans it, bandages it, and we're off to the mall. Later that night, about 10, she looks at it again and declares that I might need stitches. But, it's 10, I'm in my pajamas, and where would we even go? So I veto this plan pending inspection in the morning. Come morning, we head off to Epcot. I'm still rather pissed that Disney did not renew their contract with Alfredo's, so now my pasta joy is gone, but I've discovered their secret for Fettuccine Alfredo, I can still smell my $$$$ Italian perfume, and quite enjoy the fish and chips in England, which has a lovely football jersey, etc. shop. That night, it was Sunday, we stop at the CVS for extra bandages and discover they have a little clinic but it's closed because it's Sunday. Mams is still convinced I need stitches. Monday, we head off to Animal Kingdom and I'm wearing purple and yellow to support LSU (anyone over OSU), neither of which I have in light-enough fabric to wear long-sleeved. And Mams is freaking out about my elbow still. So, that night we stop again at CVS when the clinic is open and Mams tells the RN there that I fell Sunday. So she takes one look at my elbow and immediately declared that I need at least two stitches. Only one problem: I fell Saturday night, not Sunday, and all stitches have be in within 24 hours. So, I needed stitches, but a bit too late now. Ah, well, what can you do? At least that night I got to watch OSU get their butts kicked in the national championship game for the second year in a row!!! Tuesday, we go to Magic Kingdom where I am forced to ride their mild roller coaster by myself and bruise my other hip. BUT, at Pirates of the Caribbean, I finally, finally, finally, after searching for four years, find a plush Jack the Monkey. YAY!!!! And he is supremely nattily dressed and I love him so. So, our last day, I am forced to go golfing once more, BUT, having promised me that we would do so over break, Mams is then forced to accompany me to see Sweeny Todd, otherwise known as a most AWESOME movie that has admittedly scared me off sausage for a while. I was just a little depressed by the ending, but really, who could expect a happy ending for it? And it was so freakishly funny to see Snape and Pettigrew living together.

So, then we return home, go to Ann Arbor for foodie supplies for school and I return to school, al-hamdu lillah, WITH my car. And that was my Christmas break. How was yours? Oh, and are you going to be home either the first or second weekend of March? We totally need to see The Other Boleyn Girl together.

Ciao bella!
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