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Well, that pretty much sums it up, now doesn't it? Honestly, if you're going to go out every single night and get drunk, often to the point of not remembering the next day, could you please do you temperate roommates a favor and FUCKING REMEMBER TO TAKE YOUR FUCKING KEY WITH YOU!?!? Last night, technically this morning at 2:45, was the fourth time in three weeks I've had to let a drunk roommate back in. Today, said drunk proceeded to try to do sometime with the stove but she was too drunk to successfully turn it on.

Charmingly enough, said roommates, there are three who are like this, are obnoxious enough with their exploits that Elysia, friend from Med/Ren and TA, to be explained later, was able to narrow down to two, out of six, roommates when I referred to one as "my roommate the whore". Good work, ladies, I hope you realize you're the reason ND warns us against bringing Italian boys back to our rooms because they'll steal our stuff. Fucking whores.

On the bright side, I get to write a 13-15 paper on VIRGIL!!!! Yay Virgy! I'm totally excited and have already created an outline. Yay Virg! Also, I don't have class Monday until 2:15 this week so I can stay up a bit to watch the Super Bowl. AND, I'm going to a Julius Caesar show Tuesday, which will also be awesome.

So, apart from the whores I live with, who also are seemingly incapable of doing their dishes, life's not too bad right now. I'm really missing my Diet Mountain Dew, but have finally found someplace that sells Diet Pepsi (Pepsi Lite here), so at least I have some carbonated caffeine. I know I'm not the best at this blogging thing, but I WILL try to be better.

Oh, yeah, it's totally in the 50s here, sorry.
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