Oct. 2nd, 2008

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Sarah Palin vs. Joe Biden

Ala Cusine!!

~9:04: "It's nice to be with you"?, JB, that's an awkward choice of words.

~9:05: Nice connection to the average American SP

~9:06: "obsessive partisanship"? ouch, SP

~9:08: second reference to the blue collar workers in less than ten minutes SP

~9:08: first 'maverick' SP

~9:10: "Joe Six-pack and hockey moms"? In the SAME sentence? Whoa...that's pulling no punches, SP

~9:11: JB, are you going to say anything about Obama, or just beat on McCain?

~9:12: Yes, JB, because you get your gas at a station like that.

~9:14: Another “American people” reference! SP

~9:15: I like your shoes, SP. Yes, I’m that shallow.

~9:16: “John”, JB? Hmm, that seems a bit demeaning

~9:17: SP referred to herself and her family as “middle-class”, let the bashing begin.

~9:18: SP just linked Obama’s government-run health care plan with the current mess in D.C., pretty smart

~9:19: JB just referenced Scranton, OMG it’s The Office!

~9:21: “Bridge to Nowhere”!

~9:22: “Characterize”, JB? At least McCain had problems with a difficult word.

~9:23: SP just insinuated Obama flip-flops!

~9:24: SP really hammering her experience in Alaska home, but, then I suppose, she really needs to do that

~9:26: It’s good she would have supported more stringent bankruptcy qualifications. If you’re stupid enough to overextend your resources, you don’t deserve a ‘get-out-of-jail-free’ card

~9:32: Hmm, just realized JB keeps calling SP “Governor Palin”, not “Sarah Palin” in an attempt to degender the debate

~9:37: Was that a Freudian slip, JB? “We should be granted…Same-sex couples should be granted”

~9:42: “Your plan is a white flag of surrender”!!!!! That’s priceless, SP!!

~9:47: Ahmadinejad is neither sane nor stable at anytime, and “The Castro Brothers” sounds like a bad boy band.

~9:51: “Sssppaaaain” JB

~9:53: JB, could you please not refer to yourself in the third person. You’re not a Gand.

~9:58: Hey, JB, you don’t need to repeat everything, that’s what the media’s for.

~10:03: “Washington outsider”! SP

~10:06: Are they trying to outdo each other with the size of their flag pins?

~10:06: Urm, SP, dude? I don’t think we won Vietnam, just a thought.

~10:09: “Maverick”!! And this time, SP called herself one as well.

~10:10: Yes, JB, I believe you spend soooo much time at Home Depot.

~10:16: Oh God, not Cheney’s opinion of the Office of the VP as a shadowy fourth branch. It’s too funny.

~10:18: “Heartland of America”, you just keep shoving your middle-classness down our throats, don’t you, SP?

~10:21: MAVERICK! Twice in one minute!

~10:28: Hey, SP, maybe you should name these tickets, not just make allusions.

All in all, I thought it was a good debate, neither side did anything stupid. It basically just reinforced everything we already knew.


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